Do you have a question?

When is Station Factory open?

Station Factory is open from Monday to Friday, from 10am untill 6pm (GMT +1).

Whats the delay for delivery?
Depending on the voices availabilities, delivery can take from two to five open days.

I don't have a Paypal account, how else can I pay?
Paypal is our main type of payment. However, you can also pay by bank transfer:
IBAN: BE90 3630 8649 4132

Is it necessary to sign up to Station Factory s website to make an order?
Yes, its easier for us to know who order. It will take 1 minute to subscribe and you will only have to do it once.

Can Station Factory work on my script?
Yes, Station Factory can imaging your scenario and write your script. Please contact us for more details: or with the contact form.

Can I change my script after I made my order?
Yes, you can modify your script. Station Factory will charge you 10€ per change.

How can I get in touch with Station Factory?
You can contact us on our Facebook page, by email or with the contact form.

How much cost narration?
The price will depend on what you exacty need. Please contact us with more details about your project: or with the contact form.

Do I get the acapella if I order an introduction, an interlude or a commercial?
No, Station Factory only provide the acapella for jingles orders.

When ordering Sound FX, can I choose the kind of Sounds?
Yes, if you want to, you can specify the kind of sounds you would like in your Sound FX pack.
Otherwise we will produce different kinds of Sounds such as Horns, Lazers, Explosions, Whooshes, Alarms, Impacts.